What’s All the Buzz about Cannabis Rosin?

Experts estimate there are now well over 2 million legal medical marijuana users in the United States. While many prefer to keep it old-school and roll a joint or light a bowl to medicate, the next generation of mmj patients is in search of newer, cleaner and more discreet ways to find relief.

With that goal in mind, rosin was created.

Rosin is a new form of cannabis concentrate, one that appeared around 2015 and quickly gained the attention of new and veteran patients alike. Especially popular among dabbers, rosin, like other concentrates before it, has spawned its own micro-industry of tools and accessories.

What makes rosin unique from other concentrates is the way it’s extracted; instead of the typical closed-loop extraction system that uses solvents, rosin is obtained using only heat and pressure to squeeze the cannabinoid-rich oil from the marijuana plant, a process that typically takes only a few minutes.

Medical Marijuana plant closeup, with trichomes of THC and CHB visible

We should mention here that rosin is different from resin.

Resin is the sticky, sap-like trichome layer on cannabis buds and leaves that contains all of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that make medical marijuana so effective. (When dried, resin is called kief.)

You will also hear the term resin used to describe the brownish gunk that can build up on the inside of a bong or pipe, which can be scraped off and re-smoked.

The term “live resin” has to do with the actual cannabis plant material, and it means it is either fresh—not yet dried and cured—or was frozen immediately after harvest.

Likewise, “live rosin” is derived from fresh flower, sometimes with an extra step in the middle to make bubble hash (using ice water as a solvent) before extracting the rosin from the pressed hash. This added step increases the potency of the rosin.

A final note of clarification: Cannabis rosin is not the same as the rosin used by violinists, but it is similar; both are a solid form of plant resin obtained through extraction. However, while violin rosin is obtained from the resin of pine and other coniferous trees, cannabis rosin is made from the resin of the marijuana plant.

No solvents? Yes, please.

Definitely the biggest draw for rosin is what’s not used during the extraction process: chemical solvents like butane and hexane. Not only are these substances highly combustible, but they can also show up in your concentrates if the extraction lab used is not code compliant and does not perform a thorough residual solvent analysis to test for impurities.

Because rosin extraction involves only heat and pressure, it ensures a clean, high-grade, solventless product with all of the potency and no risk of residual solvents impacting your hit—or your health. The extraction process is incredibly versatile and can be used on fresh flower, dried bud and hash.

Typically, the more pressure that is applied to the cannabis flower or other material, the better the results will be.


Is it true I can make my own cannabis rosin at home?

It is, yes. However, for new patients or those who are simply new to rosin, we recommend trying it first from your dispensary to see if this method of medicating is right for you. Plus, not everybody feels comfortable with a do-it-yourself project when it comes their medication.

But if DIY is your thing, or you just want to learn more, Leafly has a great blog about to make your own rosin dabs.

What are the benefits of rosin?

Again, the big benefit is a cannabis concentrate that is made without the use of chemical solvents. Not only is it the safest extraction method developed to date, but it’s also a big draw for patients who are concerned about residual solvents hiding in their concentrates.

Rosin is also ultra-pure, with an extremely high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes that punches up the potency and flavor. The result is a smooth, clear hit that delivers instant therapeutic benefit.

It’s also incredibly versatile and can be manipulated into different textures, including wax and shatter.

Is there a downside?

As concentrates go, rosin can sometimes be a little pricier than you’re used to, owing to the higher potency (read: THC content) and the fact that it is made using the full bud of the marijuana plant instead of just trim and shake.

You’ll also find that not all dispensaries carry rosin, so it could take some hunting down if you’re not the DIY type.

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How do I use rosin?

Just like any other cannabis extract, you have a few options when it comes to consuming rosin. You can use your dab rig or opt for a vape pen designed for concentrates. For an extra potent hit, you can even add it to your bowl, bong, joint or blunt.

Just remember, a little goes a long way.

For new patients especially, we recommend starting with a very small amount and using lower temperatures to balance out the potency and reduce the chance of any unpleasant side effects. You can talk to your budtender about the ideal temps for vaporizing your rosin concentrates.

How do I store my rosin?

Because rosin tends to be a bit too sticky for glass jars, high-quality silicone containers are your best bet for short-term storage (up to a week).

If you need to store your rosin for longer than a week, keep it wrapped in parchment paper and sealed within a plastic bag inside an air-tight container.

In both cases, be sure to keep your cannabis rosin in a cool, dark and dry place.

Ready to give rosin a go? Come see us at Desert Rose Dispensary.

Our cannabis-savvy budtenders can answer all of your questions and help you decide if rosin is the best way to medicate. If not, we have plenty of other mmj concentrate options, plus over 40 different kinds of flower and a full menu of edibles, tinctures, topicals and more.

At Desert Rose, our patients come first, and we believe in the power of medical marijuana to help alleviate pain and discomfort. Above all, our goal is to help you feel better, enjoy life, and get back to doing the things you love to do.

Stop by the dispensary at 24905 North 7th Avenue in Phoenix any day of the week from 8:00AM to 10:00PM. If it’s your first visit to Desert Rose, prepare to spend a little time talking to us so we can get to know you and determine the best path to relief. First-time patients can also look forward to $20 off their total purchase!

(If it’s not your first visit, be sure to ask about our other sweet dispensary deals!)

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