I recently had the pleasure of trying two True Distillate 500mg vape cartridges from True Harvest, based here in Phoenix—one watermelon cartridge and one King Louis XIII cartridge.

True Harvest is an all-natural premium craft cannabis producer that specializes in honest, chemical-free farming. That loyalty to staying organic and chemical free results in quality medicinal cannabis and cannabis-infused products for dispensaries like Desert Rose and their patients. Their uncut True Distillate cartridges are a perfect example of their dedication to quality.

True Distillate cartridges are absolutely solvent free and contain organic, all-natural terpenes. King Louis XIII had noticeable notes of spice and clove on the exhale while the watermelon cartridge tasted like a watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. Both the inhale and exhale were smooth and lacked the harsh metallic taste and inhale found in some of the other vape cartridges on the market. Given my susceptibility to lung collapse and bacterial infection due to a genetic disorder, these points alone were a huge selling point and a reason I will definitely continue to purchase the products they produce.

The effects of both cartridges truthfully exceeded my expectations. The watermelon cartridge hit more like a sativa-dominant hybrid—hitting heavy behind the eyes while I remained fairly clear-headed. This cartridge sparked my creative side before settling into a nice body high residing in my arms and legs. The King Louis XIII cartridge stayed true to its indica lineage, providing a relaxing sedative effect perfect for nighttime use or just a lazy day lounging around the house.

No matter your personal preference, with multiple strains, strain-specific cartridges, plus the fact that they are solvent free and $15 dollars cheaper than the competition, you can’t beat True Distillate from True Harvest.