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In Tempe, AZ, it seems like things never stop happening. There is so much to do, from museums to events and dining. To ensure your wellness around Tempe, MMJ can cater to a range of needs that you may have to remain active and healthy. Medical marijuana taken in the right doses has been shown to improve the quality of your workout sessions in multiple ways. Also, the health benefits of medical marijuana are vast.

At Desert Rose, the best marijuana dispensary near Tempe, we strive to put our patients first by providing them with the highest quality MMJ products available and the amazing deals. From edibles to concentrates and flower, we always have something for the first time smoker and the seasoned veteran.

Driving to Desert Rose Dispensary from Tempe


Desert Rose knows that convenience plays a large part in your choice for a dispensary. To help with this process, feel free to use the map above to conveniently visit Desert Rose from Tempe! We are located on W Happy Valley Rd in the North Valley which gives you three great options to reach us. There are routes using AZ-101, AZ-51, and I-17. Whatever your route, we’re sure you’ll be happy you made the trip!

How Desert Rose Can Help

At Desert Rose, the best marijuana dispensary near Tempe, we focus on putting the needs of patients first. We are aware of the wellness concerns of Tempe residents, and we aim to satisfy this need through our products. Our comprehensive menu includes flowers, cartridges, edibles, extracts and tropical selections.

The hot and dry weather often creates a welcoming environment for concentrates and cannabis-infused tropicals. Whether you need MMJ for a workout, for a relaxing time after work, or for health reasons, Desert Rose has you covered.

Wellness Around Tempe

The MMJ products at Desert Rose are focused towards your wellness. Medical marijuana has been shown to have multiple health benefits that make everyday living more comfortable and more enjoyable. With our products taken in the right doses, you can achieve any of the following wellness benefits:

Muscle Recovery

After a long grueling day at work or during a workout session, your muscles tend to become sore. This can go on for days at a time and make you feel weak and tired. The primary cannabinoid CBD has been shown to boost the functioning of your immune system and to allow for faster muscle recovery.

This means that you can work harder and workout for longer. CBD also facilitates muscle repair and growth, which means that your body will feel better faster after lengthy physical activity.

Prevention of Diseases

The effectiveness of medical marijuana in preventing and treating various diseases has long been researched. Many of these research results show the numerous health benefits of MMJ. It promotes wellness by treating glaucoma, reducing the spread of certain types of cancers, controlling seizures, and even slowing the spread of Alzheimer’s disease.

How is all this possible? The active ingredients of MMJ often occupy cell receptors that would otherwise be held by other harmful compounds.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation and its related complications often affect one’s wellness and lead to pain, discomfort and costly medical expenses. Luckily, medication prevents inflammation and relives its associated symptoms. Medical marijuana is especially useful for easing the pain from inflammation.

Entertainment Around Tempe

Tempe is a hub of rich culture and entertainment. There is always something fun to do for every season of the year. From holiday parties during Christmas season to summer festivals, residents remain busy and active.

The Desert Rose Dispensary team is there to make sure your tank never runs empty. Balancing between work, exercising and exploring can be quite the challenge. MMJ has been shown to boost metabolism levels when taken in doses of under 100mg THC. Indeed, the combined effect of the active ingredients THC and CBD work to increase fat loss, lower your cholesterol levels and raise your metabolism.

As you go about daily activities, you can enjoy the positive benefits of medical marijuana and the added boost that it gives you after a long day.

Dining & Drinks Around Tempe

Rising in popularity is the use of MMJ edibles. Edibles are easier for first timers because they come mixed with delicious treats. As opposed to smoking or vaping that take a little getting used to, edibles are much smoother to consume. However, proper adherence to the right dosages is very important with edibles.

Luckily, residents of Tempe have their MMJ needs covered by Desert Rose. Our edibles selection is plentiful, with chip cookies, guppies, and brownies on the menu. We carefully determine the dosage of each edible product and provide labeling on the package. Most of our edibles are at or below 100mg per dose.


For first-timers, concentrates are great for improving stamina while working out, increasing your pain threshold, and boosting your focus levels. Patients are finding that taking a dose pre- or post workout contributes towards a more successful workout session.

If you are looking for concentrates at our dispensary, we have multiple options available. Select from tinctures and hash to kief and CO2 oil. You have the choice to either vape, dab or take the concentrates orally.

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