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Scottsdale residents suffering from chronic and mild conditions who want to use medical marijuana to relieve their pain are always welcome at Desert Rose! Located in the North part of the valley, we’re just a short drive away. We offer our patients some of the best dispensary deals around on quality medical marijuana, edibles, concentrates and topicals. Desert Rose is ready to help Scottsdale medical marijuana patients with all of their needs!

Driving to Desert Rose From Scottsdale


No matter where you are in the Scottsdale area, there is a convenient way to get to Desert Rose. Feel free to utilize the map above to find the fastest directions from your location. With our easily accessible store on W Happy Valley Rd, you’ll have no problem visiting our dispensary via, AZ-101, AZ-51 or N Scottsdale Rd. You can even order medical marijuana online in Scottsdale via our pre-order system, then drive to pick it up. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Hiking in the Area

As a dispensary committed to wellness, we encourage our Scottsdale marijuana dispensary patients to take advantage of the benefits of their beautiful city. The city of Scottsdale is home to the McDowell Sonoran reserve, a desert habitat that offers family activities such as hiking, biking and horseback riding. The reserve has different hiking trails from the gateway loop to the brown ranch giving hikers a chance to enjoy the scenic environment.

The hike trails are grouped according to fitness levels and extent of capability ensuring they cater for all ages. The dry and sunny weather is perfect for hiking. Hiking while a fun exercise activity is also tiring, especially for people with back pains, leg pains and arthritis. Desert rose is the best marijuana dispensary near Scottsdale that offers quality medical marijuana, concentrates and topicals to help with the pain after a hiking workout.

Shopping and Entertainment

The area offers everything in shopping from upscale to urban to classic including malls, shopping centers, name brand stores and local retailers. The Kierland commons is an upscale shopping center that houses popular name brand retailers including Barnes and Noble and dining restaurants and bars. The Biltmore fashion park, one of the largest malls hosts name brand fashion boutiques like Gucci, Macys and Louis Vuitton. We all love shopping for new clothes and trying out restaurants and while these are fun activities, they are also tiring because of going from one store to the next.

For entertainment, Scottsdale has a lot of offer. The Marshall Way arts district in downtown offers a selection of local galleries and retailers, the perfect place for tourists to find souvenirs. The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park gives families a chance to enjoy mini-train rides, play areas, souvenir shops, the railroad museum and its lovely park. Kids will also love the Odysea in the desert, an entertainment center that hosts an aquarium and the butterfly wonderland. The Butterfly wonderland is an innovative atrium that maintains the ideal rainforest habitat for thousands of butterflies from around the world. They also offer an educative 3-D movie about butterflies that kids will love.

Old town is another form of entertainment that transports visitors to the past as they visit the saloon, the blacksmith shops and the schoolhouse. With all the shopping and entertainment centers, Scottsdale has to offer, it may be tiring for the adults to keep up with their kids and they may need medical marijuana to help them relax and relieve any pain they may have.

Dining Around Scottsdale

The culinary scene in the area is thriving. From Mediterranean inspired dishes, Latin America dishes, Italian dishes and American cuisine, residents and tourists will not tire of the food anytime soon. The second story liquor bar in old town Scottsdale serves fusion dishes with an Asian twist and offers a variety of cocktails. The citizen public house, another upscale restaurant in old town offers a selection of craft beers, cocktails and high quality cuisine.

Chompie’s is all service restaurant whose bakery offers fresh bread, bagels and pastries with family recipes passed down to generations. To name all the restaurants, wine bars in Scottsdale that impress would be a feat. With all the different cuisines, wine bars and cocktails available whether in an upscale setting or a cozy one, some residents may find it hard to partake in the food due to a lack of appetite and nausea. Worry not, Desert Rose offers a selection of edibles that will work to keep food appetite in check.

Complete Wellness

Scottsdale offers some of the best luxury facilities to cater to stressed and aching residents and tourists. The spas offer gyms, saunas, massage packages, pools, yoga classes and fitness classes. Massages incorporating topicals, which are medical marijuana infused lotions and oils, will leave a person feeling refreshed and relieve any pain they might have. In addition, facials using topicals will leave the skin rejuvenated.

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