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Residents of Mesa, AZ, lead very busy lives. They need to work, workout, relax, and remain focused for long periods of time. To keep them going, more residents are turning to medical marijuana to power their everyday activities. Medical marijuana has been shown to pose benefits in one’s general health and when working out. In fact, marijuana consumed in the right form and in controlled doses (below 100mg THC) can enable you to workout harder, lose fat, and develop your muscles.

To meet your medical marijuana needs, Desert Rose is focused on the needs of its patients and providing great deals. We are one of the few medical marijuana dispensaries in Arizona that puts the needs of our patients first. Whether you’re a first time user or a seasoned MMJ professional, Desert Rose is the best marijuana dispensary for Mesa patients.

Driving to Desert Rose Dispensary from Mesa


We understand that access is a huge factor when choosing the right dispensary for you. With this in mind, we encourage you to use the map above to find the best directions to Desert Rose Dispensary from Mesa. Our convenient location on W Happy Valley Rd in the North Valley means that you can use both the AZ-101 or a combo of AZ-202/AZ-51 to reach us.

Medical Marijuana Wellness

We all know the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Physical exercises keep the brain relaxed, build the muscles and burn calories. When swimming and hiking around Mesa, consider adding MMJ to your workout routine. MMJ in controlled doses of under 100mg THC not only increases the length and quality of your workout, it can also boost muscle growth.

Pain Numbing Effect

Medical marijuana contains the active ingredients THC and CBD. These components have been found to have performance-enhancing effects on the body. They can increase the pain-threshold, allowing you to swim harder and to hike faster. The weather and terrain around Mesa particularly make swimming and hiking two popular physical activity events. Mesa residents can enjoy lower pain felt during exercising by proper consumption of MMJ from Desert Rose Dispensary.


Who wouldn’t want to keep their workout session alive for longer? By consuming concentrates and edibles before or after the workout, you can increase your stamina and endurance while swimming and hiking. The dry and sunny AZ weather can cause a significant challenge to durability and endurance. Consuming medical marijuana concentrates is a great way of overcoming this challenge.

Creativity & Focus

Medical marijuana allows you to loosen up and infuse creativity into your workout. It also increases your concentration levels and makes you focus on the workout.

Sporting Events

For those with a competitive spirit, MMJ in the right doses for sporting events is a great way to make sure you can produce results. Consuming edibles or concentrates before the event enables you to increase your metabolism. So you will not only become more active, you will also burn fat faster and lower your cholesterol levels while you’re at it.

Treating Glaucoma

For Mesa residents with vision complications as a result of glaucoma, MMJ relieves these symptoms by lowering the pressure exerted on the eyeballs. Swimmers and hikers will love this because improved vision is important for those activities.

Edibles in Mesa

For those who prefer edibles to alternative methods such as vaping or smoking, Desert Rose allows you to enjoy MMJ dining options around town. Edibles are an effective alternative to other methods of medicating and they are great for beginners as well. Edibles are often mixed with a variety of oils and butter in order to prepare delicious treats for consumption.

It is important to be cautious of the doses infused into the treats. A single dose of MMJ is typically 10grams, so that serves as a useful guideline for consumption going forward. At Desert Rose, our selection of edibles include brownies, chip cookies, black bars, coffee cake, among others. We have multiple snacks and doses to suit your MMJ dining needs.

How Desert Rose Can Help

Whether you need MMJ for a workout, relaxation purposes or health benefits, Desert Rose Dispensary is only a short drive away and ready to help Mesa patients with their marijuana needs.

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