Mendo Breath is a potent cross between the patriarchal Cookies strain OG Kush Breath and Gage Greens Mendo Montage. Its large, conical buds are a tie-dyed canvas of green and purple, while each bud sparkles with trichomes begging to packed into a grinder, rolled and sparked up at the end of a long day.

One of my favorite indica strains, Mendo Breath made its way into Desert Rose Dispensary this week. Now, I’m a fan of anything with Cookies genetics, but Mendo Breath holds a special place on my list of favorite strains based on its overall appearance, taste, smell and effects. In my opinion, this is one of those strains that can’t get any better. My initial impression of this batch started off with hints of vanilla that blended nicely into subtle undertones of caramel, spice and earth. Upon taking my first inhale, I remembered why I love this strain so much.

Tasting exactly like it smells, Mendo Breath’s effects are immediately felt all throughout the body. My shoulders, collarbone, hips and spine all started to slowly relax, giving me relief from the bone-on-bone, degenerative muscle and electric nerve pain I feel day in and day out due to the structural issues associated with my connective tissue disorder. With my body reaching a state of nirvana floating on a cloud of Mendo vapor, the effects I felt before in my body started to creep behind my eyes. Initially playing a video game while I medicated, I found myself unable to focus, eventually turning it off to lay down, rest and watch television. Within minutes I fell asleep, waking up five hours later just to eat and go back to sleep.

A perfect 10 out of 10 indica, ready to crush out pain and put you to sleep with its powerful sedative effects, Mendo Breath will make your list of favorite strains too. Just stop by Desert Rose to stock up before it’s all gone!


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