Are you still dabbing with a titanium, ceramic or glass nail? It’s time to level up your dab game.

All the reasons you should be dabbing with a quartz nail are the same reasons quartz glassware has been used in laboratories for years. But before we look at those reasons in detail—and why they matter even more when you’re dabbing—let’s first take a look at the (very brief) history of dabbing cannabis concentrates.


Believe it or not, dabbing is still a relatively new practice.

Which is pretty crazy, considering how much the act of dabbing and the equipment needed has changed in just a short period of time.

Having evolved from ye olde hot knifing and swing skillet methods of heating and inhaling cannabis concentrates, dabbing is a decidedly more sophisticated (and far safer) way to enjoy your medicine in concentrate form. Basically, dabbing took and refined the key elements from each of these earlier methods, and voilà! The modern-day dab rig was invented.

The first dab rigs only appeared around the mid-2000s and since then have evolved at a rapid pace to become the sleek, high-tech rigs we see today—complete with a plethora of nifty accessories to ensure the most satisfying dab experience.

Level Up Your Dab Game: Start Using a Quartz Dab Nail - Desert Rose

Essential to the contemporary dab rig is the nail.

The nail is the part of the dab rig that heats the cannabis concentrates to form a vapor, which is then inhaled.

In the early days of dabbing, nails were often made of glass and came with a dome—a piece that goes over the nail to trap the vapor as you dab. However, it was soon discovered that glass nails were frail and broke easily under high temperatures, plus they did not distribute heat very well. While you can still find some low-end dab rigs today that use glass nails, there are definitely better alternatives out there.

Titanium dab nails are the most common type of nail used today. They fit most dab rigs, they are extremely heat efficient (making them ideal for high-temperature dabs), and they are virtually indestructible. However, because they are metal, dabbers sometimes report an unpleasant metallic taste when using a titanium nail.

Ceramic nails are more common among veteran dabbers. With ceramic, it is harder to gauge the temperature and know when to inhale, since ceramic will not produce that telltale red glow. Ceramic is also extremely fragile and can shatter easily if dropped, but many dabbers still appreciate its ability to hold heat longer than most other materials, resulting in a nice, smooth hit.


Enter the quartz banger: king among dab nails

If you want a powerful hit packed with flavor and a tool that holds up under pressure, quartz is definitely the way to go. A quartz banger—another name for a dab nail made of quartz—looks like clear glass but is actually far more durable.

High-quality quartz is a top choice among novice and veteran dabbers for a variety of reasons. It has the toughness and durability of titanium, but it absorbs and holds heat like ceramic so you can take your time and enjoy your dab experience.

And speaking of heat, a quartz nail will heat up significantly faster than either titanium or ceramic, plus it draws out the pungent terpenes from your concentrates so you taste nothing but delicious cannabis goodness.

Overall, quartz bangers provide a pure, super smooth hit that can’t be beat.

Level Up Your Dab Game: Start Using a Quartz Dab Nail - Desert Rose

A word about temperature control (and why it’s so important)

Dabbing at lower temperatures is always recommended to ensure your concentrates are completely vaporized and to avoid wasting any of your medicine. For this reason, you may want to use a carb (short for carburetor) cap with your quartz banger to control air flow and keep it from cooling too quickly.

When using a quartz banger, avoiding super high temps is especially important to prevent a process called devitrification. It sounds pretty science-y, but really it just means the cloudy funk that can build up on the surface of quartz glass as the result of high heat, contaminants and other factors.

To keep your quartz nail looking clear and new, burn slow and low, as they say, and do not expose it to extremely high temperatures.

Remember these three quick tips for keeping your quartz banger clean:

  • It is a good idea to clean it after each dab to prevent carbon buildup, which can contribute to devitrification.
  • DO NOT use water to clean your quartz nail, because water can also leave behind surface contaminants.
  • Use a fresh cotton swab to remove any residue.


Remember when we said dabbing keeps evolving?

Turns out quartz thermal bangers are now the latest trend. A thermal banger is essentially a quartz banger with a tiny cup or cylinder in the middle, which keeps your concentrates right where you want them and prevents them from leaking into the neck of your rig (a common problem that leads to wasted concentrates).

If you dab often, a thermal banger may be a worthy investment. You can read a little more about them here.

Level Up Your Dab Game: Start Using a Quartz Dab Nail - Desert Rose

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