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Medical marijuana topicals are a safe way of using THC without any high feeling. They have many health benefits the main one being pain relief. Topicals are easy to use just by applying to any aching body part. Topicals come in variety from lotions to creams and oils only for external use. The main advantage of topicals is that their effect is localized to the applied part.

Where to apply medical marijuana-infused topicals?

Topicals are applied to body parts that ache or are inflamed. The most common areas for application are:

  • Knees and elbows
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Temples

Massages using cannabis topicals also help to relieve pain when the source cannot be pinpointed exactly. Topicals can also be applied to sunburns and insect bites.

Tips for application

  • When applying topicals, the patient should try to identify the source of pain more accurately. For instance, when a patient has a headache, they can try to pinpoint whether it is their temples that are in pain or the base of their head.
  • Clean hands and the area of application is a requirement when applying topicals. You do not want body oils, dirt or sweat on your hands or the body part to interfere with the effectiveness of the topicals.
  • The skin should be dry thoroughly before application.
  • Topicals need to be applied generously and firmly. Most people apply two to three coats for effect to take place. When using, a patient should ensure that they rub the topical firmly but not in a way that will increase the pain.
  • After application, make sure to wash the hands so that the topical residue does not come in contact with the mouth, nose, eyes or anywhere else where it may cause unwarranted side effects.

Adjust your expectations about medical marijuana infused topicals

Medical marijuana topicals do not give medical cures. While they work for many people by improving their pain levels and inflammation, they cannot cure every pain in existence. Topicals do not cure illnesses like arthritis; they just make the pain bearable.

If you are interested in the best medical marijuana topicals that can alleviate your pain, contact us today at Desert Rose dispensary, Phoenix and let us guide you through the process of selecting a topical that will suit you. Come into Desert Rose to find out more tips and learn about topicals available.

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