There’s no worse feeling that suspecting your marijuana has been ruined by mold. Mold can affect both growing live marijuana plants and processed leaf that is ready for consumption. In both cases, the factors that can lead to mold development are moisture, stagnant air, and darkness. Buds that haven’t been cured correctly are prone to become moldy. In order to avoid the unpleasantness of moldy weed, be sure to store your mmj in a cool dry place, and watch out for these signs that your weed has been contaminated by mold.

What does moldy weed look like?

When mold has really taken hold, you are going to be able to see it in the form of growths and a possibly a hazy fuzz on your product. Discoloration and small white flecks are both possible early visual signs of mold. Since mold spores are very small, once it has got to the stage where evidence of mold can be seen, it is firmly established and you may wish to discard it.


Can I smell mold on my weed?

Scent can provide a way to detect mold problems before they are visually apparent. Marijuana is supposed to have a smell with a characteristic musky odor being an indication of high quality weed. But if it smells overly sweet or damp, or like fresh cut lawn grass, that could be an indication that mold is present. If this is a strain that you are familiar with and it smells different from normal that can also be an indication. Trust your instincts.


What symptoms can result from smoking moldy weed?

Reactions to mold exposure can vary widely from person to person. Those with compromised immune systems are most at risk. Cancer patients using mmj should take a cautious approach and be certain mold is not present. If you smoke moldy weed you may notice an adverse reaction such as chest pain. This is a result of the toxins that are drawn into your lungs which can then cause irritation and swelling, resulting in a feeling of tightness and discomfort. Mold on weed can also trigger allergies due to exposure to the toxin. If handling your weed suddenly causes you to feel itchy and to develop painful irritated eyes, that could be a sign of mold being present.

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Image Credit: ElRoi/Shutterstock