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If you’re lucky enough to live in the city of Glendale, AZ, then you’ve certainly hit the jackpot as it’s a great place to live. A city with a rich, diverse history in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Glendale started out as a town of farmers and cowboys and is now home to around a quarter of a million people, the Cerreta Candy Company, Gila River Arena, and the University of Phoenix Stadium. If you’re a specialty card holder in Glendale, or thinking of becoming one, and are looking for a Glendale mmj dispensary, the Desert Rose Dispensary is just a few miles away in Deer Valley. Here, you will find the best marijuana flower strains, edibles, and topicals to help ensure life’s ailments don’t get in the way of enjoying living in this beautiful city.

Driving to Desert Rose Dispensary from Glendale


Desert Rose understands that convenience is a huge factor when it comes to the medical marijuana dispensary that you choose to visit. For that reason, we do as much as possible to make you next trip a success. Use the helpful map above to find the fastest route for Glendale marijuana, be that using the 101 or I-17. You can also use our medical marijuana online pre-order system to pre-order marijuana online in Glendale! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Resolve All Your Needs Quickly & Easily

If you are a first-time patient or don’t have your mmj card yet, we at Desert Rose can help you figure out how to get started. You can begin with the comprehensive first-time patient information section on our website, or you could make the short trip to the Desert Rose Dispensary store and see us in person. If you’re looking for the best Glendale mmj dispensary, our friendly staff will not disappoint you. Don’t wait to enhance your Glendale lifestyle by using your medical marijuana card to get the perfect marijuana strain to address the pain, inflammation, or other issues that are holding you back.

Don’t Let Anything Stop You from Exploring Glendale

Sights to see and enjoy in Glendale include its very own chocolate factory, the Cerreta Candy Company, where you can not only buy and enjoy their delicious chocolates and mint truffles but also go on a tour to see how they are made. If loss of appetite or nausea is preventing you from enjoying this and other treats or dining experiences, the staff at Desert Rose can assist you in selecting the correct strain of marijuana flower, edible, or mmj oil to address it.

Stay Moving & Stay Active

We also have products, including topicals that are applied directly to the affected area, to address inflammation that can limit mobility and prevent you from having the energy and motivation to get outside and enjoy all the sights and amenities Glendale has to offer like the one-of-a-kind Desert Botanical Garden. Featuring trailside exhibits, art exhibitions, frequent events, and of course the world-class plants and gardens, this is a destination not to be missed. If you want to try something more adventurous, there’s always Foothills Park which offers excellent amenities right here in Glendale with a splendid range of fun activities. The Foothills Recreation & Aquatics Center and Foothills Branch Library are both within easy reach.

Other places to walk around in Glendale include the historic downtown district, which is crammed full of specialty boutique shops for you to explore, and restaurants featuring many different cuisines from all over the world for when you get hungry. Desert Rose can provide you with the best strains for medicating your inflammation or treating your appetite loss to allow you to enjoy your Glendale lifestyle to the fullest. Thunderbird conservation park is another area well worth exploring that features hiking and equestrian trails, and is a favorite for having a picnic or birdwatching. With great weather all year round, you can’t have too many outdoor spaces here, and Glendale does not disappoint.

Never Worry about Missing Out

Pain and inflammation are not just a problem when walking around and engaging in outdoor activities. They can be just as disruptive when you have to stay seated in place for hours at a time. An evening at the symphony can be ruined if chronic pain or restlessness prevents you from properly enjoying the performance. If you’re attending the wonderful, local West Valley Symphony, a show at the Arizona Broadway Theatre, or a local sporting event, consider using one of our edibles to ensure your enjoyment of the show or game is not impacted.

Wind Down After a Day Full of Fun

After a fun day out investigating everything Glendale has to offer, we can also help you relax late at night with our pure indica and indica-leaning hybrid strains that are ideal for addressing insomnia and promoting relaxation at the end of the day. The whole-body sensation and induced drowsiness will help you wind down and allow you to feel refreshed the next day. If you’re looking for the best Glendale deals on mmj, check out our low prices and specials which will enable you to try something new without breaking the bank. You can find us online or better yet swing by and pay us a visit in person.

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