What are Concentrates?

Medical marijuana concentrates are made by using a form of extraction to remove the active components of the flower. As a result, there is more control over THC and CBD content, and they tend to be more potent than regular flower. This offers many advantages for those who medicate using concentrates.

Types of Concentrates

There are many types of concentrates available, and most of the differences have to do with how the THC and/or CBD were extracted from the flower. Here are a few of the most common types.

  • Butane hash oil (BHO): Made using butane to heat and extract the cannabinoids, resulting in THC levels of up to 80 percent.
  • CO2 oil: Made by using carbon dioxide and pressure as the method of extraction.
  • Tinctures: The result of using alcohol to extract the active cannabinoids, creating a liquid that can be taken orally without smoking or vaping.
  • Kief: The oldest and most basic type of concentrate, where the trichomes are removed from the bud, often using a fine mesh screen.
  • Hash: Made out of compressed kief. Many prefer these concentrates because they are made without any use of harsh solvents, trace amounts of which can linger in concentrates.

How to Consume Concentrates

Concentrates offer a great deal more flexibility than flower since there are more options for how to consume them.

  • As a topping for flower: If flower alone isn’t strong enough for you, or if you just want to give your flower a little kick, you can top off your bowl with a dab or a sprinkling of kief.
  • Vaping: A desktop vaporizer is an easy way to consume your concentrates that offers greater control over how much you’re consuming. Handheld vaporizers and disposable cartridges offer even more convenience, plus a discrete way to medicate.
  • Dabbing: The most popular way to consume concentrates is probably by dabbing, which generally uses a dabbing rig and a torch or e-nail to heat the concentrate.
  • Orally: Tinctures can be taken orally, without smoking or vaping, by placing a few drops under the tongue.

Beginners Beware!

If you are new to the wonderful world of concentrates, talk to your dispensary about how to medicate safely. Remember that concentrates are several times more potent than flower!

Still Have Questions?

To find out more about medicinal concentrates and how they could benefit you, check out our Education Center online, or visit Desert Rose to buy concentrates from our dispensary in Phoenix. We carry a wide variety of different types of shatter, wax and more. Not sure what’s best for you? Our friendly staff is always happy to help you decide!

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