24905 N 7th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85085

We at Desert Rose want YOU to get to know and love our phenomenal staff just as much as we do! Our in store team strives only for a clean and top notch experience providing the best medicine for all your needs. We asked each of our members a few questions so you can get familiar with the best team around! Always remember at Desert Rose you’re more than welcome to request the Cannabist that will make your experience comfortable and one to remember!

For the month of January our spotlight employee will be Andrew! Andrew is a remarkable Cannabist who has been with Desert Rose for one year but working in the industry as a professional for almost seven years! On his off time you can find him hiking outdoors at his favorite place to medicate, the West Fork Trail. Andrews favorite strain is Red Dragon and there are pretty good odds it will be rolled to perfection in a  Red Berry Dutch Master. With being in the medical marijuana industry for 7 years, there has been much to love but the thing he cherishes most here is seeing people progress in a healthy way and providing patients with not only knowledge but a smile to go home with as well. Specifically at Desert Rose Andrew highly values the relationships with the patients he has had the pleasure of getting to know, the relaxed atmosphere, and the quality medicine he has access to. Head in to Desert Rose to meet Andrew and the rest of our impressive staff today! We Love Our Patients!