We may have come a long way from the days of keeping our bud in little plastic film containers (remember those?) but many patients still ask us about the best ways to store their medical marijuana flower.

Because veteran users and new mmj patients alike can benefit from a few quick tips on proper weed storage, Desert Rose has put together a helpful list of dos and don’ts to help you preserve the potency, flavor and aroma of your bud.


Why is proper weed storage so important?

Cannabis, like any other herb, should be stored properly to keep it as fresh as possible. This process starts before you even purchase your marijuana flower, shortly after the crop is harvested. That is when cultivators begin the curing process, during which the plant is dried to remove moisture.

Curing helps to preserve the tiny, crystal-like trichomes along the leaves and buds of the plant, which produce the countless cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that contribute to the unique flavor and potency of your favorite mmj strains.

To ensure your marijuana flower stays fresh over time, proper storage is a must. While there is technically no expiration date on your bud, it is still a dried herb and can lose some of its pungency and effectiveness over time—kind of like that jar of oregano in your pantry.

If handled and stored properly, your cannabis can stay fresh and potent for up to a few years after you purchase it from the dispensary. Though you likely won’t have it around that long, it is still important to make smart storage a priority while you do.


Cannabis dos and don’ts:

DO separate your strains first.

Each marijuana strain has a distinct flavor profile and produces a unique therapeutic effect. To ensure its individual characteristics are preserved, you will want to store each strain in its own container, separate from the others.

DON’T manhandle your bud.

Remember those trichomes we talked about? Turns out they’re pretty sensitive, which means rough handling can dislodge them and decrease the potency of your weed.

Use a cannabis grinder to break up your bud into smaller pieces for wrapping in rolling papers or filling a pipe. Unlike breaking it up in your hands, a grinder will ensure the kief (another name for those sticky, pungent trichomes) is preserved and does not go to waste.



DON’T use plastic bags.

While fine for a short trip home from the dispensary, plastic bags are no long-term friend to your fresh marijuana flower.

For starters, you risk crushing your precious buds, which you want to avoid. This can damage the trichomes and affect the potency of your medicine. Baggies also do a poor job of holding in odor, so you can say goodbye to discretion, not to mention that over time your weed can start to taste like plastic. Blech.

But the big reason is this: Anything made of plastic—from sandwich bags to film containers—creates static, which latches on to those tiny trichomes and removes them from your buds. This can affect the potency of your medicine, which means you may not get the full effect.



DO keep your buds in air-tight glass containers.

Hands down, glass jars (such as Mason jars) are the way to go. They create a consistent environment and help control how much air goes in or out, which in turn helps to preserve your buds and keep them fresh. Glass also prevents any odor from escaping.

We recommend matching the size of your jar to the amount of mmj you are trying to store. This will help eliminate excess oxygen. As your bud supply gets lower, transfer it to a smaller jar. You can even use two different jars for your daily vs. your long-term supply.


DO store your mmj flower in a cool, dry and dark place.

Like your vitamins, your mmj likes to stay cool and dry. Opt for a temperature-controlled indoor location, ideally around 65°F, such as a dark pantry or drawer.  If your storage place is too warm, the relative humidity (RH) will likely be higher, which can lead to mold production.

Remember to keep your cannabis jars out of direct sunlight. Not only can too much heat dry out your buds and lead to a harsher smoke, but ultraviolet rays from the sun and other sources can accelerate the breakdown of cannabinoids in your marijuana flower and lead to a less effective hit.

Finally, avoid storing your stash around appliances or electronics that emanate heat.


DON’T store your buds in the fridge or freezer.

When we say “cool,” we mean cool—not cold or freezing. You may not realize it, but the temperature in both your refrigerator and your freezer fluctuates constantly, which increases the chance of mold and mildew developing.

Freezing is also a poor choice because it turns those lovely trichomes into little icicles that break off the second you reach for a bud, so you miss out on a lot of the flavor and potency of your mmj.



DO keep an eye out for cool new gadgets.

Cannabis storage has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Be sure to ask your budtender about the latest innovations—like moisture-absorbing packets that maintain a precise level of relative humidity, humidors made specifically for cannabis, and hygrometers to help control RH levels. There are also some super nifty grinders out there to help protect and preserve your high-quality buds.


More questions about cannabis storage? Swing by and ask us.

Your friendly Desert Rose Dispensary staff is always happy to answer your questions about medical marijuana, from the best ways to store your bud to the best strains for your specific health needs.

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    Fill out the form and we’ll send the “Arizona Medical Marijuana Buyer’s Guide” directly to your email!

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