THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the main psychoactive ingredient of mmj, often gets all the attention. But CBD (cannabidiol) is a very interesting compound in its own right, with strains of mmj now being promoted based on their CBD-rich properties. You could say it’s high time for CBD to step into the limelight, especially given these five surprising CBD medical uses.


One surprising answer to the question of what is CBD oil used for is improving your skin. CBD oil applied topically on the skin is believed to have beneficial properties due to its action to reduce oil production by pores. It is also possible that CBD acts indirectly to mitigate acne through its anxiety-reducing properties, as anxiety is believed to be one of the factors that can trigger breakouts.

Nicotine Addiction

If you are struggling to give up nicotine and have tried everything else, including patches, gum, and prescription medications without success, CBD could be the answer. Studies have demonstrated a definite benefit for nicotine quitters that is believed to be attributed to CBD. Though the exact mechanism is still being understood, people report fewer cravings for nicotine when using CBD to help break their addiction.


CBD is already known to play a role in reducing inflammation, which is part of what makes it useful in managing chronic pain. But researchers are now discovering how to use CBD for diabetes too, because of the role that chronic inflammation plays in the development of insulin resistance. Because CBD acts to reduce one of the primary drivers of Type-2 Diabetes, the inflammation, it may help suppress or even reserve it, as opposed to other treatments that merely manage the condition.


Fibromyalgia can be a very debilitating condition that leads to intense burning pain either locally or throughout the body. Frequently misunderstood, this can be a very miserable existence, and ordinary pain medications may not provide the relief required. CBD has shown promise in treating this condition, which is believed to be a malfunction in how the nerves and brain process pain.


CBD is partly responsible for the whole-body relaxation effect of mmj, or, in milder forms, a general feeling of calmness. For people who struggle with anxiety, this is a real benefit and may be the only way they can relax while not suffering side effects from other types of medications. CBD-rich mmj strains are great for anxiety, especially ones that have a lower THC percentage that can be too energizing, are well worth asking your dispensary about.

To start enjoying the many benefits of CBD-rich mmj and CBD oils, first get your Arizona medical card. Then check out the wide variety available on the Desert Rose Phoenix dispensary menu, including our current specials.

Featured Image by Rick Proctor / Unsplash

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